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Data-driven, technology-enabled
last mile distribution.
Become a JABU partner and we will focus on the
distribution and sale of your brand in informal
retailers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will take care of the entire process, from
warehouse receiving, deliveries, promotions
and customer service.
works with hundreds of brands
Grow your brand with
Grow your brand with
Smart picking and
delivery routes
Smart picking and delivery routes

Our technology increases the productivity of our warehouses and trucks so we can handle thousands of orders each day

We sell to thousands
of shops
We sell to thousands of shops

We map, identify, know and digitize thousands of stores to which we sell your product.

Sales network

Sales network

We have created a structured sales process that involves different channels.

We help to position your
brand and get your product
to every corner of the region.

Giving you access to
real time data and KPI’s

Get to know your customer

Analyze your sales performance in real time. You'll have access to data you've never had the opportunity to know before. Follow market trends and compare your product against the market standard.

Launch & follow campaigns

Hire and follow online and offline advertising campaigns with our clients to improve your brand positioning.

Understand the depths of your distribution

You will be able to see on a real-time map how your sales are evolving and which are the hotspots of your products.

Launch a tech-first,
branded distribution

Premium positioning of your brand

Position your brand in areas, media and channels where you have never been able to reach before.

Run smart promotions and advertising campaigns

Hire advertising campaigns powered by
real-time data on the sales performance of your products.

Customized reports and analysis

Get access to customized reports and analytics to evaluate the kpi's that matter
to your brand.

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‘s shops are proud
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works with hundreds of brands
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